Benchmark Irrigation

                     Lawn Sprinklers & Landscape Lighting


Our Advice: 

If you don't like to water the grass or can never find the time, a sprinkler system is well worth the investment. Besides not having the time, having to physically drag out the hose, watering areas unevenly, wasting time, then having to coil it back up when your done is not a pleasant task for everyone. 

One of the few home improvement projects you can do that actually makes your life easier is having an irrigation system installed for your landscape. 

The Benefits of this investment are plenty. Water conservation by having it controlled allowing the proper amounts of water for each zone is a huge benefit. The other is the value it adds to your property. Green grass and colourful plants are something we all adore in our surroundings especially after all the time and effort that was put into making look as good as it does. If you plan on investing in a beautiful landscape or have... maintain it the simple effortless way. Ensuring a healthy life to all landscape.