Benchmark Irrigation

                     Lawn Sprinklers & Landscape Lighting


How It Works:

A lawn sprinkler system is a series of pipes that are attached to a main water source and run through the landscape. It has an entire network of piping under the ground with sprinklers placed in specific zones for timed areas to be watered. The brain of system is controlled by an electronic timing unit that is installed in a practical and convenient place for access. It is set to automatically turn on and off at assigned times of the day/night and desired days of the week. Each sprinkler head is retractable and pop out of the ground when turned on and the water pressure comes through to push them above ground level. When the water pressure is stopped, the heads go back into the ground (also making for easier mowing of the lawn as well). Water is turned on by the timer sending a signal to the solenoid valves placed in-ground. This signal opens up the valve allowing the water through to the zone pre-selected. When the timer control runs out of time, the signal is cut forcing the solenoid valve to close. Timers can control watering time and the duration for any section or type of landscape, seasonal percentage, rainfall detection disabling system, and day intervals. They can also be installed in gardens, vegetation, flower beds, and even in hanging pots and vases with little or no visibility of pipes.